No One Is Safe - Strike First Strike Hard

As a general rule, every hardcore band that got at least one member with tattoos on his head is bond to get a good review on this website. Luckily, No One Is Safe’s music would hold its own even if they were bunch of skinny jeans-wearing hipsters. But they’re totally not. On both musical and lyrical side, the album boils over with pride, anger and testosterone. Even though the production is quite slick, everything is raw and uncompromising as it should. From the fast parts to breakdowns, everything seems to be in the right place.

The heavy as fuck beats and massive guitar work provide a good foundation for dual vocal assault of Jouko and Timo. Those guys have both strong and aggressive voices which they carry with confidence and charisma. The things get even more intensive when they get couple of their mates to lay down vocals in some of the songs. Resist Forever is a monster of a song with bunch of people, like Matti of Cutdown, Abu from Third Man Down, Ville of Breamgod and Finnish rapper Eme, contributing their vocals. I like this type of crew mentality. The lyrics makes the package complete. No sissy stuff, it’s all about holding your own and standing up for your family and friends. Nothing too ignorant, but no poetry either. Bands like Cutdown, Bolt or Ratface have already proven that Finns got knack for this type groovy and aggressive brand of hardcore. No One Is Safe quite pretty well with those bands and I didn’t even suspect that album gonna be that good.

Review by Dloogi
Poolside Records, 2011