One Choice - Forever War

For those unfamiliar, One Choice members have did their time in other prominent SoCal bands like Time For Change, Collision, Built To Last and Her Grey Earth. After debut Ep which came out at New Age records, this is their debut full length release. By the middle of the first track, the expectations from the rest of the album are set high. After short intro, Forever War sets things off with a damn catchy hook and hell of a chorus.

When Karl of Earth Crisis takes over the microphone, I really feel like these boys nailed it. It carries strong Trial influence, something which can be heard at different points throughout the album, but the band rises above your typical 90’-worship. The guitar work is awesome and the structures of the songs are tight and focused, but don’t lack melodies and plenty of exciting twists and turns. Being in hardcore band, it’s hard to inject emotions other that hate or urge for revenge into the music without sounding pussy. I dig the bands that know how to do that. And this is one of the things I like about One Choice – from personal pain to the disgust and disappointment with the world, they can get the feeling across to the listener in a way that it sounds honest and convincing. If those songs don’t move you, you’re a cold heartless bastard.

One of the standout aspects of the album is the number of guest appearances, which include Karl and Scott from Earth Crisis, Greg from Trial, Mike from Outspoken, Toby from H20, and Andrew from Strife. From Friendship Loyalty Commitment by 25 Ta Life I haven’t heard so many guests lending their vocals on a single hardcore album. All of these straight edge all stars contribute both to the songs, as well as give a short explanation in the gatefold of the album about what sober life means to them. The variety of people involved benefits not only the music itself, but shows that straight edge scene is still strong and vibrant. Pretty good move.

Highly recommended album. I’ve heard they plan to release something new this year, so keep your eyes open!

Review by Dloogi

Seventh Dagger, 2011