Sawchuk to Release 'Blackened Minds, Blackened Hearts' this May

Sawchuk is dropping new EP this May in collaboration with 13th Floor Records. 'Blackened Minds' will be released on both cassette and CD. Here's the message from the band: "We will have a new EP out May 25th. Here's how its gonna work. We are doing a limited number of cassettes (50) with 13th floor records. That will be called Blackened Minds, blackened hearts. Then we will also be releasing a CD version of the EP called blackened hearts, blackened minds. The cassette will have two songs that won't be on the CD. So to hear those two songs you're going to have to get the cassette. The cassette will also have a different cover than the CD. We are really proud of this EP, and are extremely excited for everyone to hear it."