2006-2012: Word For Word called it quits

One of the coolest bands around has unfortunately came to an end. Official statement from Arrest Records website: "Word For Word is coming to an end. We’ll be playing two, possibly three last shows. Our last Manchester show will be at Mad Bob’s Saloon Saturday June 9th and our very last show will be at Anchors Up Saturday August 25th. I once thought that it would be better to not have a last show and just pick up and play whenever, but when you only play shows in the same area and don’t write new material it’s just not the same. So instead of letting the band go stagnant we’d rather go out on a high note. Word For Word is very important to me. I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people through the band. We were lucky enough to get to go on 3 10 day tours (vacations) all of which resulted in me having a nervous breakdown. I’d like to thank Alex from Yellow Stitches/Ignorance for basically singlehandedly making the first two possible and coming along for the last; Josh Hynes for always hooking us up with great shows and filling in for us; Angry Al for doing ALL of our album artwork; Lumpy for putting together all our layouts and other design work. Thanks for everything to anybody who ever cared about this band, booked us and put out our music. Nothing has been more flattering then seeing people with Word For Word tattoos and homemade merch. Everyone of us has a side project now. Brandon and Nate both play in Yellow Stitches and will soon be dropping their debut full length “Good Times,Violent Crimes LP” on Brass City Boss Sounds. Pete and I have started a straight edge hardcore band called Freedom 35 that should be ready to start playing shows this summer."