Danforth released Crime In Hell album

New Danforth album, Crime In Hell, contains 13 new Heavy Hardcore songs, a blend of Hardcore, Punk, Hiphop and Thrash-metal in an urban and incisive style. The voices alternates English and French, screaming and hiphop phrasing. Lyrics without concessions invhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifite listeners to share the rage of the band. Featuring US Hardcore Legends such as Danny Diablo (backings by Skarhead : AK Ray, Matty Pasta, Brett Evans, Brooklyn Larry) and Stikman (Fury of Five / Boxcutter / Full Metal Jacket). Recorded and mixed by Sébastien Langle at 8-ball Studio/LoutaProd, master by New Alliance East Mastering (Terror, Converge, Lofofora, ...)