Lose The Life posts new song. New album on Ugly & Proud Records!

Lose The Life posted new song, Authority Stomper, on their bandcamp account. The song has a strong political message to it and deals with police but from the anti-capitalist perspective. Here's what band got to say about it: "Ah, there's nothing like a song about hating the police! Many punks and hardcore kids can relate to lyrics about getting into trouble with the law. But we would like to raise the criticism to another level. The police as an institution are only made necessary in a society divided between those who have and those who don’t. The law is written to ensure the power of the already wealthy. Thus, the police are nothing but the henchmen of our real enemy: capitalist society." The song is taken from the upcoming album, 'The End of Conformity', which is due to be released on Ugly And Proud Records.