Cast Iron Jaw - Bound By Ignorance

Cast Iron Jaw is a new band from the UK hardcore scene with a sound that doesn’t deviate much from the metallic beatdown style already done by number of bands, but that’s alright. The first track takes on slow-to-fast beatdown sound and the album gets progressively heavier as it evolves. Sometimes it’s slow and heavy with a pounding double-bass action, but there are moments when the band takes on a faster vibe.

A critical measure of how successful is an album of this kind is how much variety is in the tracks without drifting too far from the core sound. In other words, how well all the elements go together so the album can be enjoyable from start to finish without using any cheap tricks like shitty clean vocals or whack rapping parts. And we all know that some bands got no shame when it comes to mixing hardcore with this type of crap and the results are usually pathetic. In case of Cast Iron Jaw, the album isn’t void of missteps, but it delivers what you would expect from such record. The sound is hard, the songs are nicely put together and vocals sound like they wanna cause a serious damage to the listener.

While the production is not as beefy as it should, some of the parts here still sound heavy enough while others lack a bite. I also would also get rid of some of the unnecessary passages in the songs which doesn’t add anything and just make the songs sound less focused. Overall, while not as intense as Shattered Realm, whose influence can be heard in some of the slower parts of the album, Bound By Ignorance is well crafted and strong album. I hope for even better next one.

BadAss!! Records