Take It Back Records update

El Camino Car Crash features current and ex-members of Within Walls and Unveil. While obviously drawing some influences from groups such as Unbroken, Undertow, Botch, The Suicide File, and The Hope Conspiracy, this Austria based band manages to give its sound a modern twist of its very own, making it (along with the band's thoughtful political lyrics) stand out from the mass of today's copycats. The cassette is a limited edition of 100 tapes and includes download codes. Place your order here. Stream or buy this release digital at bandcamp. The label has also done a compilation of songs from all of its releases and bands, which you can download for free here. Artwork by Joon-sung Lim, songs compiled by Henry Apel.

TAke It Back has updated BigCartel store with records that were sold out to raise money for our next release: an EP by Stuttgart's Reality Returns.