Bottomfeeder - II

The band seems to be mostly influenced by NYC and Clevo bands and this EP shows that. Bottomfeeder favors gritty metallic hardcore that falls somewhere between Merauder and Ringworm which results in a truly menacing sound. But don’t get it confused with some cheap Holy Terror wannabe band. This shit is for real. Heavy and dark and straight up evil. There’s also some All Out War influences here and there, but it makes this shit heavier and better.

That dirty sound quality on this EP works magic as every song sounds strong and brutal. This is metallic hardcore how it should be done. The best track is ‘On Our Own’, it features Chris of Shattered Realm fame and is crushing concrete with its heavy ass beat. But all the songs are of highest quality and it shows that the band really focused on making the Ep consistent all way through.

Review by Dloogi