By My Hands - No Hope, No Escape 7"

If you’re into metallic hardcore than this is something to make your day a little bit less miserable. I remember I did like their previous album, Growing Older, Getting Colder, and with this short EP the band shows nothing but progress. The ep is short with only three tracks, but the content is so strong. The songs are even tighter and heavier than before, the music is very dynamic and there is no shortage of skills on display here. The overall style is rugged and both lyrics and music hit hard with pin point precision. If you like heavy approach to hardcore, this is your thing.

The first track has a massive breakdown and menacing vocals that get the job done and the rest of the ep follows with pretty much the same formula, but a lot of dynamics in the songs, tempos changes and hooks keep it interesting all the way. Hope the band is still doing their thing and we’ll hear more from them in the future!

Purgatory Records
Review by Dloogi