Review: Provider - Wasteland

This band does not get as much love like some of their peers from NYC, and this is kind of surprising cause Wasteland is totally the kind of album most kids would be into nowadays. It’s heavily influenced by NYHC sound with all the elements you can find on any classic Warzone or Killing Time albums. They did their homework. The album is five tracks long, and that’s almost perfect with this type of music, especially when all of them are hard-hitting.

Bonekeeper sets it off with slamming guitar and in your face delivery. The other remarkable track is Losing Ground where band effectively blends catchy riffs with a massive breakdown at the end. The production comes off sounding crisp, but keeping some of that rawness hardcore album can’t be good without. This ep actually came out some time ago, it’s just me being lazy reviewing it. No excuses for not checking it out!

Life To Live, 2012
Review by Dloogi