Review: Losin It - No Apology

The way this album flows is crazy! Each track is dope and full of hardcore rage that draws you in immediately. After pretty cool Danger Zone Ep, this is the first full length by Losin’ It and you can expect total hardcore/hardcore worship. It’s the usual bag of tricks in this style but every element is done so well that played live these tracks must make the pit go nuts.

10 songs in total and each is a banger, but none really stands out. Some are faster, while other heavier on the groove, but each song is forceful and capturing. The riffs are always on point and the singer is one pissed off dude that wants to murder you. There band incorporates smart solos now and then, but the main focus is on keeping things raw. It makes me think of bands like Judge, Breakdown or Floorpunch which is cool cause everyone loves those bands. The message in the lyrics is smart and relevant which makes the whole package complete. Good stuff!

Life To Live Records, 2012