Review: Step Aside - Reaching Out

Step Aside delivers hard-ass hardcore driven by monster beats and heavy groove. It reminds me of some classic old school shit like Outburst and Judge, but delivered in modern way, bringing also to mind bands like Minority Unit or Piece By Piece. That’s the type of music I like the best and the whole ep is nothing but pleasure to listen. There’s a right mix of harsh vocals, chugging guitars and tempos that go from fast pit action to mid-tempo grooves.

Basically, all the tracks are rather upbeat yet still able to pull off some slick breakdown. Mind’s In A Maze is my personal favorite cause it’s catchy as fuck but still pissed-off and straight up bad ass. It starts with some stomping mid-tempo grooved out intro, bursts into some seriously dope chorus and finishes off with a slick breakdown. All in all, very solid release and any of you who actually like good hardcore should check it out.

Life To Live, 2012