Download: Overpain - Underrated Overhated

Overpain hails from Salonika City, Greece and plays brutal and heavy hardcore that fans of Fury Of V, Out To Win or Knuckledust should dig. The band is at their best during the faster and more dynamic songs, but fans of breakdowns shouldn't be dissapointed neither. The one impressing feature of the album is a long list of guest features. Dudes like Olle and Rickard from Bitter Taste Of Life, Jon from Warhound, Jake from Hammerfist or Gerardo from No Zodiac lend vocals on couple of the songs. Actually, the list is even longer but you get the picture. I have no clue how managed to get all those people involved, but it works for album's advantage in my opinion. Props to the band for letting everyone download the album for free. Download it!