Awesome new releases from Take It Back Records

Take It Back Records has announced couple of exciting news. All Over LP by Kids Insane is out now. The band hails from Tel Aviv, Israel, and "play an insane mix of angry, yet melodic punk-rock (think Small Brown Bike) and modern hardcore (think American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War, Verse, and Refused). Originally released as a CD-only album on Third Time Lucky Records, this album is now released on vinyl for the first time in co-operation by You're Next Records, Crapoulet Records, Derrick Hunter Records, and Take It Back." 100 copies of this awesome album, 80 on multi-colored splatter vinyl and 20 on black, are available. Deadverse is an upcoming release which should be out soon. "'Carpet Burns' has been on heavy rotation at the TAKE IT BACK HQ for weeks. These songs are even better that "Caution To The Wind". Again co-released with Adagio830. Hopefully out in May." The label will also release new self-titled 7" by Reality Returns, members of Coldburn and Teamkiller new band. "Heavy straight edge hardcore with an agenda."