Joe Lauzon: "The Problem Solver"

Here's a cool documentary which was published in December 2012 as a part of Vice's Fightland series, filmed and directed by McFarland & Pecci. If you're scratching your head cause the name Ian McFarland sounds familiar, it's possibly because he used to play bass for Blood For Blood before pursuing full-time documentarian and commercial director career. Judging from the clip, Joe Lazon is a really cool and intelligent dude and I respect that he is not taking the easiest route, but instead choses the hard way to make his dreams reality. You might know him from The Ultimate Fighter 5, but here's more insight into his mindset as a figher and what motives him to go on. After watching this, also check out documantary about Dan Hardy, which was also filmed by McFarland & Pecci.