Review: Incendiary - Cost Of Living

Incendiary continues to strive for perfection. Knowing their previous material I expected only good stuff from this release and I am not disappointed. With Cost Of Living, the band proves it still got what it takes, and their dynamic and powerful brand of hardcore is only getting better. One of the more striking elements of the album is how good the songs flow together, each one delivering force with plenty of attitude.

Musically, Incendiary is straight 90’ new school at its very best, packing each song with monster grooves and chugging mayhem. The production is crisp but beefy. The vocal delivery is another solid element which makes this album so cool. Dude definitely has his moments on the record with powerful lyrics that will have you thinking.

Tracks like Primitive Rage, Deed Before Creed and Snake hit excellent heights with crushing riffs and powerful groove. The throat-grabbing Force of Neglect deals with police brutality and recalls the tragic story of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man afflicted with schizophrenia who was beaten to death by police bastards.

Tracks like this one showcase band’s ability to write tracks with substance and meaningful message. It’s powerful and forceful, but the anger is infused with a smart insights and deeper ideas.

Despite the overall grim tone of the songs, it’s not all dark and the band manages to spread some message of uplift over crushing situations people are facing today. The further you sink into this album, the more great stuff you discover.

Closed Casket Activities, 2013