Clearvew need help with European tour!

My friends from Clearview need some help with filling in the dates for the upcoming European tour this Summer. They have already most of the dates sorted out, but still are there are couple gaps in the tour schedule. These dudes are legit! They are probably one of the coolest bands from the Brazil right now and their last album rips. If you can help, please get in touch with: IMPACTBOOKINGS (at) GMAIL.COM.

The confirmed dates so far are:
07/24 Mitterteich - DE
07/25 Praha - CZ W/ PRE - Fluff Fest Party
07/26 Kozmin Wlkp - PL
07/27 Bydgoszcz - PL
07/ 28 Fluff Fest - CZ
07/29 Dresden - DE
07/30 NEED HELP!!!
07/31 Schaffhausen - CH
08/01 NEED HELP!!!
08/02 Barcelona - SP
08/03-04 NEED HELP!!!
08/05 Toulouse - FR
08/06 Bordeaux - FR
08/07 Nantes - FR
08/08 NEED HELP!!!
08/ (09-10-11) Ieper Fest - BE
08/12-15 NEED HELP!!!
08/16 Days Of Fury Fest - DK
08/17 Gavle - SE
08/18 Goteborg - SE
08/19 NEED HELP!!!
20 Berlin - DE
21 Leipzig - DE

Info about the band:

Established in October 2002, Clearview was born as a side project of two classic Brazilian Hardcore bands called Good Intentions and Children of Gaia.
Nowadays, the band is one of the most prominent, hard-working and most dedicated Hardcore bands in the South American Hardcore scene.

Going back in time, the band started with a demo "Our Effort Our Fate" which got a really good feedback and nothing stayed the same ever again.

Around 2003, after playing a bunch of solid shows, we recorded our second demo "The Time Is Now To Make The Attack".
Never following in line, and never slowing down, we recorded our third demo "Last Straw" wich was released in CD by Last Straw Records.

In 2004 together with Fernando Sanches at Estúdio El Rocha we recorded five songs for a compilation together with four other crucial Brazilian Hardcore bands.

The band kept playing shows non-stop and remained active when in 2005 Everclear Records from Chile (Nowaways established in the United States) invited us to participate in another compilation together with many other cool South American bands intitled "Acortar Distancias" This songs were recorded and produced with Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench (Korzus) at "Mr. Som" studios.
In 2006 / 2007 looking for higher stakes, the band started working hard for a full lenght called "Love It Or Leave It". This were crucial times for the band. After some line-up changes, we got the chance to play lots of shows and toured all around.
Finally in 2008 we got our first full length out wich was mixed by the Hardcore producer Nick Jett (Terror / Piece By Piece fame) and mastered by the aclaimed producer Paul Miner which worked with many band such as Motorhead, AFI, Unearth, H20, Thrice and many others.

2009 was a very busy year. We toured South America and played awesome shows in Chile and also in Buenos Aires at the famous Varsity Records Festival.

Still in the same year, big time news! Three crucial and unbelieveable shows just happened in Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and São Paulo (Brazil) together with the NYHC legends Madball and Agnostic Front.
The band was already well known in the South American Hardcore scene, but with this three shows, we got exposed to even more people wich gave us a lot of positive feedback about the band and led us to work in our next full length. We loved so much our work together with Nick Jett that we invited him to fly over to Brazil and help us out to record and produce the newest record "Pure Mayhem" wich was released in 2011 by "Hearts Bleed Blue" and "Caustic Records". This record was mixed by Mr. Matt Hyde, a grammy winner that worked with famous bands such as No Doubt, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Slayer and Hatebreed. No doubt, "Pure Mayhem" was a banger!

Later and again with Mr. Matt Hyde and Nick Jett, 5 more songs were recorded for a split release with the Brazilian Hardcore legends Paura entitled "Rage Through Integrity" released by Spider Merch, Hearts Bleed Blue, Travolta Discos and Caustic Records.
Caustic Recordings and Farewell Records will be putting out together a 7inch for clearview european tour 2013. The 7" will be called "SEEDS OF RAGE".