Demo Daze: Reaper's Path, Pressure Drop, Regulate

Reapers Path - Life Sick EP
This ep has been out for some time already but it's just now that I get to listen to it. Just like on their previous releases, there's a good dose of heavy metallic hardcore backed by pissed of vocals. The way they combine heaviness with slick faster parts puts the music somewhere between Terror and Shattered Realm.
Pressure Drop - Demo 2013
Fucking vicious and aggressive hardcore with slick metallic vibe. There are a lot of strong grooves and catchy riffs in the songs, and powerful vocals seal the deal. Can't wait to hear some more shit from this band! Facebook here.
Regulate - Demo 2013
Long Island hardcore. I don't know much about the band, but I dig this demo. On the heavier side of things, but still core. Check out their facebook.