Review: Cold Hearted - Lunacy

Cold Hearted - Lunacy (Life To Live) - Life To Live is becoming a powerhouse in hardcore dropping one killer record after another, just to name latest releases by Losin’ It, Provider Step Aside or Outlast. Definitely a label to watch if you’re into legit hardcore music. Their recent addition is Cold Hearted who proudly rep Pensacola, FL scene. There’s a sweet No Warning and Backtrack influence on this ep, with heavy-ass thrashing riffs and fat grooves.

There’s also some classic NYHC shit to be heard, not unlike Killing Time and Breakdown. From the first moments of ‘Potter’s Clay’ it becomes very clear that these dudes have no problem hitting harder note while keeping it vibrant and entertaining. There’s is no letting up on the following tracks and all of them will keep you on your feet. Tons of breakdowns, gang vocals and double bass keep the record flowing. The vocals are intense and aggressive, giving that genuine and hard feel that all good hardcore albums need. Cold Hearted are ones to watch for the future. Life To Live, 2013