Review: Surge Of Fury / Chains Of Hate - Split

Surge Of Fury / Chains Of Hate - Split (Rucktion) - Brand new split release from Surge of Fury and Chains of Hate and both bands unleash a barrage of quality tracks. Surge Of Fury brings three new tracks plus a crushing cover of District 9’s Live Life. If you’re familiar with band’s previous albums you basically know what to expect here as the band stays committed to their style. The tracks on this split offer the same level of aggression but everything sounds even more tight. The faster parts are relentless and the vicious breakdowns will leave your bones broken. That band always knew how to mix up some thugged-out East Coast hardcore with heavier parts. All I can say is I dig it. I really love the chugging riff that dominate all of these tracks, and the drumming is on point all the time. The vocals make the band stand out with a forceful delivery and a vibe that hits home. Because it’s far more vibrant than your standard beatdown album, this is one of the few bands of this genre that I still follow.

Chains Of Hate comes next and has more in-your-face approach, with a sound that is both fast and heavy. That doesn’t mean there are no breakdowns of course. Although they don’t bring anything groundbreaking to the table, they know how to produce some hard-hitting tunes. If I had to draw any comparisons, I’d say they fit somewhere between Redline and old Hatebreed. Everything is in its place and the band glides through all four tracks with ease. I dig what they did with the Cold As Life tune, it ain’t easy to cover a track like this but they made it sound as hard as it should.

On the real, both bands deliver some hard-hitting tunes in a true tough guy hardcore spirit. Cop it from Rucktion!