On heavy rotation this week...

Life After Death - Scum of Society Forever
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The band actually put out this album in 2012, but although being much into their recent ep I never really had a chance to pay this one the attention it deserves. Turns out I was really missing out, cause this is first rate beatdown hardcore with tons of that sweet 90' sound. The vocals are sick, the songs are packed with hooks and twists, and the execution is flawless.

Take Offense - United States Of Mind
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Take Offense is back on the scene with this highly anticipated album. This is a killer record that perfectly blends in-your-face hardcore with creative song writing and superb musicianship. The vocals go from hard to melodic and definitely are one of the highlights here. Through I feel their previous ep had more stand out tracks, this is still good listen from start to finish.

Paura / Clearview - Rage Through Integrity (Split)
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Clearview plays raging hardcore that sounds like combination of the best elements of Madball, Terror and One Life Crew. The tracks go from fast to groovy, but they all bang and there's a serious sense of purpose in each of them. Paura's side of the split is kind of heavier and slower, not as good as Clearview but still decent.