Assorted News: Intense, True Hearted, Burn Infinite...

Neutral Words Records is running pre-orders for 'More to Say' ep by Germany's Intense. The entire ep is streaming here. The ep is a collabo with HardCoalRecords (GER) who will release it on vinyl this winter.

Marked For Death
has launched pre-orders for Steel city firm / Vow of Hatred split. 10 new punishing hard as nails beatdown / heavy hardcore tracks in the vein of bands like End of humanity, Taste the steel, No retreat, No zodiac, Shattered realm, Ten of swords and Bulldoze. Guest appearance by Gerado ( No zodiac). You can place your order here.

True Hearted has put entire No Cure on stream. The record is dope so if you dig what you're hearing, support the band by buying the tunes here.

Burn Infinite has dropped new track. It's called En Fury and you can stream it here. Southern California hardcore ffo. Buried Alive, 100 Demons, Integrity...

Steel Nation is working on the new tunes, new record to be expected in 2014!

Seconds Of Peace (Cologne, Germany) is planning to drop new ep called "Hangin' To The Tunes Of Doom". Check out short teaser here to get the idea how it's gonna sound like.

My pal Apostolis from Worlds Appreciated Kitsch is releasing Ντελίριο 'Έξω φρενών' 12" (don't ask me how to read it). Fans of street punk should be on the lookout!

From Innerstrength Records: Sacramento hardcore/metal band Havenside have unveiled details for their anticipated new release “Living Our Darkest Days.”  “Living Our Darkest Days” will be released on 3/11/2014 on LP/CD and digitally.  The first single “Stronger Everyday” will make its debut on 12/27.  The album features 12 tracks.  It was recorded at Mayhemness Studios and mixed/mastered at Castle Ultimate.  Pre-Orders will launch on 1/14/2014.