Demo Daze: Maniac, Werewolf, Piece Keeper

Werewolf - Demo 2013
Brazil hardcore with cool NYHC feeling. Essentially you can think of any of your favourite NYHC bands from the late 80's/early 90's and there's a good chance you'll find strong traces of them in the songs on this demo.
Don't forget the streets!

Maniac - Demo 2013
How can you hate on stripped down, in-your-face hardcore done right? Both the music and vocals impress on this one, and Fashionable Commie is truly a hit. For all you collector dudes, you can get it on tape here.

Piece Keeper - Demo
Another dope band from Baltimore bringing that pissed off, groove-ridden hardcore in full effect. This demo delivers some heavy-ass grooves, chugging riffs and strong vocals. Give it a try!