On the edge of​.​.​.

Taut - On the edge of​.​.​.

It’s time to give props to my local scene. East of Europe is no joke! This one was posted to bandcamp earlier this year but it’s just lately that I had checked it out.

Taut was a short lived band from east of Poland and this is remastered version of their first and only demo that came out in 2009. The first version was rough sounding at times, but the energy was definitely there. On this one, the beefier production makes this band sound even more pissed off and powerful.

Their style was NYHC-inspired with some hints of thrash in the heavier parts. It comes in like combination of Madball and Bitter End, you get the deal. Tough, street-smart hardcore that is hitting as hard as possible. But despite band’s focus on staying aggressive all the time, the tracks are well formed and complex.

Anyway, I advise everyone to give it a try - I suppose the band was not very popular outside Poland so it might be something new for most of you.