Review: Selfish Hate – Today Tomorrow Forever

Selfish Hate – Today Tomorrow Forever (District 763 Records) - This is late-Throwdown / early-Bury Your Dead type of metallic hardcore that was so popular couple of years ago. Never been a great fan of this style, but I can appreciate when it’s done right. Even more than those above mentioned bands, Selfish Hate reminds me of their homies from Teamkiller or Never Face Defeat - the vocals are in the similar style and the song structures also combine faster hardcore parts with metallic breakdowns. Today Tomorrow Forever got some heat on it, but there are also tracks that I'm not really feelin' too much. The album started off pretty decent but began to get a bit too monotonous over the course of the following songs. It is neither brilliant or terrible, but a pretty middle of the road. I wasn't feeling a song or a chorus here or there, but all in all it’s not that bad for what they try to do with their music.