Review: Redemption Denied - Nothing Remains

Redemption Denied - Nothing Remains
(Control Records/Reality Records) - I'm feelin' this one! These tracks sound just like a modernized version of something off of one of early Merauder or Hatebreed albums, which is dope. Nothing Remains is a short but nasty listen that cuts to the bone with 4 tracks of gritty, 90s influenced metallic hardcore.

All the tunes here are full of aggression and the vocals nail it - Kasper is dropping some ruff lyrics over powerful, menacing tunes. My fav song is probably Nothing Remains, it hammers so hard and has a sick riff running throughout. Checking the ep, it immediately stuck out for it’s authentic East Coast flavor that sounds like it came from the 90’. Think of Krutch meets Bulldoze meets Death Threat - you can’t go wrong with influences like these. If you are looking for that ill metallic hardcore sound, look no further.