Review: Old Enemies - Old Enemies

Old Enemies - S/T (Cruzade Records) - Old Enemies is a band from Spain and this is their recent record following demo they put out in 2011. The album features a classic approach with a fine combination of NYHC-styled hardcore and heavier parts. The bands tears through each track recklessly, you can hear they are going for the classic hardcore sound where speed is a must, but solid breakdowns need to be included in the mix as well. In terms of delivery, I got no complaints, the band definitely knows how to do their job. Much of the heaviness here seems to be due to raw and metallic production, but the sounds gets fuzzy at times.

Honestly, at first I wasn’t too much into it but more time I spent with this album, the more I started to appreciate it. Tight musicianship and decent songwriting elevate this record out of the realms of the forgettable into something pretty good. The guitarwork carries most of the songs, delivering massive riffs when things need to get heavy, but also going into more melodic territory to give these songs more depth. This is not a perfect album, there are areas that could be tightened up, but still it’s a fine listen if you’re into bands like Sick Of It All, Madball and so on.