Review: Only Attitude Counts - 20 Years Of Attitude

Only Attitude Counts - 20 Years Of Attitude
(WTF Records) - New album from these dudes is always a cause for celebration, especially when it bangs like this one. 20 years in the game is a good occasion to cook up something special and that’s what we get - double CD with new songs and couple of old ones redone. CD1 offers 10 tracks and for the most part all of this stuff is very ill. The premiere tunes kind of bridge the gap between the throwback sound of band’s early releases and the progress OAC made during the years.

Overall, the album stands right on the street corner at the intersection of “One Voice” and “Scratch The Surface”. No fucks are given about trends and what’s hip at the moment, which is something I always have utmost respect for. If you’re familiar with their previous albums, you know there are always some really catchy hooks and sing-along parts to be expected. The band has a perfect chemistry as every piece of the music fits together and nothing seems forced.

Lyrically, the proven combination of topics ranging from hardcore lifestyle to social commentary is something to get you through the hard day at work and let you chill in the evening. No complains from me, this type of lyrical content is always welcomed.

About the old tracks re-recorded - some might say there’s absolutely no reason to do this type of shit, but I can’t help digging the treatment tracks like The Real Deal, Like a Family or Make Amends received. When you listen especially to the older songs redone with beefier and heavier sound, that’s something worth checking out.