Last Dayz set from Northcote Festival

I always felt bands from east side of Europe have been underrated despite churning out one great record after another. Especially in the recent times, the amount of awesome hardcore coming from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and so on is amazing. Don't even get me started on listing bands to check out, too many to mention - go through old post on this blog and find out for yourself. But don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound like I am complaining. It's not really something I loose my sleep over. You have to work for yours and take care of things in your own backyard, which means good old fashioned 'support your scene' attitude. More important to me is Polish bands getting support from local kids and keeping the local scene alive. If the rest of the world is sleeping on bands from here, they are simply missing out on great hardcore.

Anyway, every Last Dayz show I've seen was beyond incredible so peep the video above and see how hardcore should be played live. I wasn't at this years Northcote fest, but the video looks really dope. I gotta give it to the dudes running Remain Sustain youtube channel, the sound and video quality is superb.