New hardcore tunes to check out

Here's a quick round up on some decent tunes I've came across in recent days/weeks.

Cold Reality
, my boys from Hungary, dropped this short but slick track about a week ago and I can't stop listening to it. This is metallic hardcore done right, definitely. Kasper from Redemption Denied lends his vocals for this beast of a song. New ep coming soon!

If you don't know, Provider have dropped 4 new tracks quite recently and all of them are killer. Everything this band has done so far is top notch, and these new tracks prove they still got it. If you can handle hardcore that can blend heavy parts and more dynamic grooves with ease, this is your shit right here.

You Can’t Keep Me Down
are from Finland and that's pretty much all I know about the band. As far as the music goes, this is real good. Actually, it's even better. The riffs are blazing and vocals comes swinging right out the gate. There is literally replay factor after each track. I love it when a band comes out of nowhere and keep their shit tight and got that mentality like they don't care.