Assorted News

Forbearance records will drop a debut ep by Paid In Full. The ep can be streamed in its full glory here - this stuff is pretty ill so I recommend you check it out!

Dead End Recs will release new No Excuse titled Testament. The recird will be limited to 300, 200 Black and 100 Red vinyl. FFO:Youth Crew, Youth Of Today, United Youth, Mindset. Order your copy here.

Times Are Changing: A European Hardcore Compilation LP out soon via Destroy Your World Inc. The comp includes acts from various countries of Europe: No Turning Back, Coldburn, World Eater, Born From Pain, Risk It!, Knuckledust and much more.

Old School Cartel out of Australia is set to drop a split 7" between Worst Possible Outcome and Deadly Visions. Both bands hail from Australia and both rip.

Hoods' new album will be titled Gato Negro: OK so we tracked 6 songs. They came out amazing. For the first time ever in the studio I have zero worries. This album is well worth the abuse, rage, sadness, happiness, and depression that went I had to go through to achieve. GATO NEGRO is in the alleyways and coming to a street near y’all. Keep that blood pumpin’ MH.