Demo Daze: Cease To Resist, Cold Times, Watchmen, Idle Hands, Paid In Pain

Check out this selection of some of the finest new hardcore that scene got to offer right now:

Cease To Resist - C2R Demo 2014
Hard-hitting but slick hardcore with maniac vocals, this is the type of shit that I always welcome with a smile. Cease To Resits proves Richmond,VA still got it. Members of Tough Luck, Bracewar, Upperhand, Naysayer and Break Away are involved in this band, and if that doesn't make you click the download link below I don't know what will. Bang your head to tracks like Price for Peace or Broken Link, this shit is awesome!

Cold Times - Demo 2014
Fucking yes, this demo is HARD! If you're into fat and obnoxious hardcore that is your shit right here. This is old styled crossover hardcore that brings to mind bands like Integrity or Ringworm, but despite recent trends Cold Times is definitely going for that in-your-face sound. Might be too rough around the edges for some, but still dope. They still need to work on some elements here and there, but overall the band is worth attention.

Watchmen - Demo 2014
Despite being just two tracks strong, this demo is pretty dope. Both tracks rip, but I think I like Black & Blue more cause of its nice groove and gang vocals. I image kids king crazy as fuck when this one gets played live.

Idle Hands - The Worst Times EP
Another band from the vibrant London hardcore scene, you can hear they're heavily influenced by their older peers in Kartel or Knuckledust. Same heavy groove and no holds barred lyrics. Just look at this demo's cover and you get the sense of what tape of stuff to expect when it comes to stuff being said in these tracks. Backstabbers and bitches running their mouth are not new themes in world of hardcore, but this shit never ends so somebody gotta sing about it. Anyway, everyone into LBU bands should give it a listen, no doubt.

Paid In Pain - Born Bad
With their logo being a Backtrack rip-off, I was expecting more fast and in-your-face NYC inspired hardcore, but it turns out what Paid In Pain lacks in dynamics they make up for in groove and heaviness. It's actually pretty dope and I reckon we will hear more about this band in the future. I don't know if this is not one of those bands that got more merch designs than songs written, but I hope not.