Review: Scarred Mind - Heavy Mental

Scarred Mind - Heavy Mental (Worship Records, 2012) - Damn, this ep is soooo good! Scarred Mind delivers some dope tracks on their debut 7” ep Heavy Mental. Crunchy and sharp hardcore with a slight metallic sound that moves forward while managing to stay true to its roots. They combine elements from different eras and styles hardcore, but most of all it’s about that rugged and raw style everyone loves.

You can hear influences from classics like Leeway, Cro-Mags or Killing Time and where I come from, that ain’t no bad thing. What I like is that Scarred Mind do their thing with ease and they do it very well.

The band keeps things sharp and on point most of the time, but there’s enough melodic leads or fat grooves in it to keep you listening over and over again. The hard-hitting vocals deserve a mention as well as they fit the music perfectly and add the the overall dopeness of the ep. Say what you want, but this is important for a hardcore band to have a vocalist who sounds like he wants to punch you in the face.

I wonder why there wasn’t a bigger hype surrounding this record as it is every bit as good as many other acclaimed records of recent times. It has all the energy and depth you would expect from a good hardcore record, and the execution is flawless. Don’t eat for a week if you have to, but buy this record!