Unite For Relief comp

I love it when hardcore community gets together for a good cause. Like this comp, which is a result of couple dudes from Germany, US and Japan teaming up to make it happen - and all the profits go to help people in Japan who still struggle to get their lives together after the tragic tsunami in 2011. The tracklist is insane and includes everything that’s cool about hardcore - from classics like Next Step Up or Darkside NYC to newer bands like Look My Way, Ballistic or For The Glory. You also get big names like Madball, Wisdom In Chains or Trapped Under Ice in the mix as well.

2 cds, 35 tracks - I know the main goal is to raise money for the needing, but if you choose to buy this cd you’ll get shitload of good hardcore to listen in your car or gym or wherever you like it. The selection of the songs is dope, there are absolutely no fillers and all the tracks are heavy as hell. That's not surprising considering the opening track is Bringing Back The Glory by Next Step Up. It's a track everyone loves and are familiar with, but it kind of embodies the spirit of integrity and solidarity this record carries. It's impossible to pick a fav track here, but I advise you to check out Methods Of Groove by Embraced By Hatred. You can't top the original, but this version still is fire!

Furious Records released the comp in Asia in 2012 and Filled With Hate Records released it in Europe/US in 2013. There are some copies left and they need to go! You can order your copy here. Europe, US - step up!