Cold World come back hard!

The first song I heard from the album was "Hell's Direction" and I gotta say it, it blew me away then and still do each and every time I listen to it. So you can't only imagine how stoked I was for the full album. Now that 'How The Gods Chill' is available for free streaming in all its glory, after couple listens I shake my head in disbelief at the dopeness this albums delivers.

After short intro, on the powerful opening track Blind the band brings heavy and aggressive groove, complete with crunchy riffs and tight drums. The strong vocals sounds right at home there no matter if it's classic, rugged hardcore delivery or more clean type of singing.

The rest of the tracks are equally dope. I can't pick my favorite one yet, they all sound damn near perfect to me. One of the thing I gotta give the band credit for is how they incorporate elements from various hip-hop classics, like the bass part in Cracks OF Hate which is the same as on Mobb Deep's The Realest. I am pretty sure the deeper you dig into this album the more you find stuff like that. All in all, it feels like a hardcore tribute to classic albums like The Infamous, Magnum Force or Dah Shinin'. Very dope!

Not to mention guest verses from Kool G Rap and Mayhem Lauren, to have these dudes on the album must have costed a fortune so don't be greedy and cop that album when you got a chance.