Review: Reality Returns - Reality Returns 7"

Reality Returns - Reality Returns (Take It Back Records) - Reality Returns was formed by dudes from Teamkiller and Coldburn who wanted to play more traditional, in your face brand of hardcore. Don’t expect the band to break new grounds on this record, but they do a good job of recreating the sound of classic Merauder, Madball or Killing Time tunes.

The group comes correct with their fresh yet aggressive style and the short ep overflows with that distinct style of 90’s heavy hardcore. The record kicks off with a groove-ridden intro with the whole crew shouting Reality Returns on repeat, classy! What follows next is 3 tracks of fast, hard-hitting hardcore that have been done many times before, but who cares when it sounds so good! They throw in some heavier parts at times too, but it never goes too much into metal direction which is always cool in my book. Check out this well crafted and catchy.ep whenever you have a chance.