S&A to drop new Raw Justice and Social Damage

Straigth & Alert is dropping two releases that I am really excited about: new Raw Justice and debut ep by Social Damage. Listening to some joints from both eps that are available on S&A I gotta admit both bands rip. SC goes hard with in-your-face, raging NYHC among the lines of Judge or Side By Side. Raw Justice sounds even more pissed off than on their debut, both vocals and music are tight and seriously powerful. Even if the music sucked, I still would buy these two just for the dope cover art.

SD is a cooperation between S&A and Life To Live records from US, and it's gonna be three colors limited in total to 600 copies. I don't know if it's only S&A or both labels though. RJ gonna drop with 3 different covers. Both eps should be available in mid October.