Review: All For Nothing - What Lies Within Us

All For Nothing - What Lies Within Us
(GSR) - If you follow what’s happening in the European core scene you must be familiar with this band. They’ve been going strong for some time already and put in some real hard work and dedication. It all resulted in couple of tours and albums under their belt already. I have respect for bands that keep it real like that.

Stylistically ‘What Lies Within Us’ has all the markings of a NYHC-styled hardcore. It has its qualities, and there are moments when the band shines. The guitar work is slick and the dance parts are intense, but some tracks just feel like a the band keeps repeating the same thing time after time. I guess the sooner you realize that generally cliches play big part of hardcore the sooner you will start to enjoy this slice of European core. What drags it down a bit to me are the vocals, but it’s just my personal taste and it got nothing to do that it’s a girl singing.

On the other hand, the record has some heartfelt hard-knock life lyrics that I think many kids will find very inspiring. Musically, Hold Fast is definitely a highlight, that songs is too powerful! All in all, this is a solid record if you’re into bands like No Turning Back or Madball.