Review: Indication - XI

Indication - XI (Last Warning Records) - Another band from Poland that is killing it! Indication draws heavily from classic 90s Clevo sound like Integrity or In Cold Blood, but with a modern sensibility. There’s a run of four tracks on here but the short ep covers everything you’d expect from that type of hardcore. Wide range of tempos, sick riffs and evil vibe has the band ready to crush everything in their way. The vocals get the job done with harsh and powerful delivery, nothing too original, but they fit perfectly with the music.

Despite the heaviness, Indication is straight up raw hardcore. It sounds genuine, like these boys has been living in the darkest corners of reality, dealing with the evils of this world since day one. It’s kind of refreshing when you consider most of Clevo wannabe bands sound like goofy suburban kids jerking off to Manson posters. What needs to be said that like any other solid hardcore band, Indication is at its best when enjoyed live. I’ve seen them play couple times and they never disappoint.