Raw Justice - Artificial Peace

Raw Justice - Artificial Peace (Straight & Alert) - The first track kicks in and once again RJ delivers a true headnodder! I fucking love Pagan Stomp, the perfect built up for the rest of the record. Useful Pride sounds sick, the track is catchy and well thought without losing any rawness. Vocals come through with brute force spitting honest, pissed of lyrics about real life topics. Mad At This World is probably my fav track here, fast part makes me want to break faces and the breakdown definitely delivers. "There's no turning point. I'm at war with the world. I'm mad at the world!!!" Another stand out is Loud and Proud which is the most punk rock track on the record. All in all, it’s really fast, dirty and straight forward hardcore and if you’re not into that style you might feel tired after a while , but for everyone into bands like SSD, Wrecking Crew or early Cro-Mags there's enough good stuff on the ep to keep you happy.