The Real Deal - Demo 2014

The Real Deal - Demo 2014 (Straight & Alert) - Cleveland hardcore is a brand and whenever you hear someone using that term you kind of automatically expect the music to be dark and grimey, very much in vein of classics like Integrity or In Cold Blood. The Real Deal rep Clevo core to the fullest, but their music is something different that you would expect. And it’s good, cause I really got caught by surprise by this demo. It’s heavy and hard-hitting, but its vibe is more down to life than crap like church of satan and shit. All the songs are dynamic with sharp riffs and fat drums, and the vocals get the job done with no-frills approach. There’s enough fast parts to keep old school kids satisfied, but they also know how to deliver heavy stomp part that will get kids kick shit out of each other. There's some Clevo influences but more in vein of OLC or Heavyweight, and there’s some more NYHC-flavored vibes as well. All in all highly recommended!