Review: Thug X Life - Jungle Law

Thug X Life - Jungle Law (Refuse Records) - The record is four cuts of fast and pissed off hardcore with shouted, rough vocals and breakneck tempos. Despite band’s name there’s no gangsta posing on here, instead you get honest and rather positive lyrics with straight edge message and real life topics. The production is raw, but this is only good for this type of music. The band slows down from time to time and these breakdowns are always on point. Fans of old American hardcore should take notice. If you like when bands don’t waste time on bullshit but go right for the throat from the very first note, this shit is for you. Can’t say it’s something I am personally too crazy about, but I do like to play this record now and then. Jungle Law was put out by Refuse Records and they did great job with package and everything.