Two new Thought Crusade tracks

Thought Crusade outta Chicago, IL has plans to drop new album on Triple B Records. That label is becoming heavyweight in this game, the amount of good stuff they put out is incredible. The band itself is nice musically, and they seem to have the right kind of attitude:

All i want people to think, is that we are real. We are not pretending to write songs that pertain to our normal lives. We live this stuff. I am serious. We are not fucking around. This is real talk through and through. Sure we may have some fun, but that is outside, off the stage, and in our personal space. I don't care about going to Europe or Antarctica, or Asia. If we go then we go. If we don't then we don't. If you wanna see us play, come to Chicago.


The record should be out sometime in 2015, but two new songs are streaming already: