Souls Search / Minus - Split 7"

Souls Search / Minus - Split (Closed Casket Activies) - I had no doubt that this one would be dope when it was announced. Soul Search opens up with two tracks of what they’re known for - crushing hardcore with stompy breakdowns, chugging riffs, hateful vocals and a gritty overall feel. I know a lot of people were saying these dudes were jacking Dmize style in the beginning, but fuck them cause this band has been getting better and better with each 7” they drop.

Not to say there’s no NYHC here, actually it’s all over these two tracks, but there’s a lot of heavier stuff as well. All in all, they keep a good balance. I be honest, Soul Search is one my fav bands right now, this shit is a cut above most of the hardcore I've heard this year.

I gotta say that as much as I am fan of Soul Search, I wasn’t aware of Minus before listening to this ep. And I was missing out, cause the two tracks from them definitely leave good impression. They hold their own against Soul Search, with delivery that’s as heavy and unrelenting, but their flow sounds less rough with more dynamics and tempo changes. The vocals are nice, this dude puts a lot of emotions into his delivery and spits every word like he means it.

All in all, very cool ep. You got two bands with not that different sound but with their own style of executing it and they both rip. Very powerful stuff.