Review: These Streets - Life From The Gutter

I love when you cop a record from the band you know nothing about and the very first track hits you so hard you don’t even know what happened. That's was the case with this ep by These Streets. Things go into high gear immediately with tough vocals over stomping grooves and sharp riffing. The band goes hard on every of four tracks on this ep, with some really dope and better than average guitar work over tight ass section. The occasional solos make the ep that much better.

The drums are way forward in the mix, but after a while it didn’t bother me at all. As far as the vocals go, the dude flows nicely with a sense of purpose in his voice when he spits stories of relationships gone sour, standing your ground, making right (or bad) choices in life and society pressures. Now and then he gets support from the crew, and man, those gang vocals sound like snatched straight from old Biohazard album.

If I was to say anything negative about this ep, I can’t lie, my first thought when I got this record was that this is some ugly ass cover. I don’t get it how they could allow it to happen, such a dope record with such a lame front artwork. I am glad my natural curiosity to discover new bands and integrity as a reviewer didn’t allow me to write it off at start.

All in all, I'm really feelin' the overall vibe of ep and I would recommend everyone to check this band out.

Panda Claw Records
These Streets