Venom Prison - Defy The Tyrant

Everyone thinks of changing the world
but no one thinks of changing themselves
The only knowledge achieved by man:
life is meaningless

I sense no hidden totalitarian agenda in these songs so I gonna risk and post it up. Everyone is so excited about this band, especially when it has members of such respectable bands like Brutality Will Prevail and Wolf X Down.

Musically, Venom Prison is not that bad as I thought it will be. Gritty, brutal metalcore with raw production that only works in its favor. I dig the vocals too. I have a feeling Larissa had some kind of reality check and finally got over all that commie stuff she used to preach in Wolf Down. That's definitely a change for better. For everyone.

The lyrics above quote Leo Tolstoy, if you're really into that type of stuff you can try to find more of it.