Review: Last Dayz - Ready to Die

So, this is the end. Ready to Die is band’s last release, and when I am writing this review it’s long past their farewell show. Sure, it’s a shame, but you gotta respect a band that decides to call its quits when they are on top of their game. So many bands just drag on and on till the point when nobody really cares that it's not even funny.

Anyway, back to this ep. How badass I would like their last record to sound? Well, it’s that badass. Welcome to the world where words like delicate or gentle don’t exist. The band kept moving forward with each release getting constantly better at their craft. With this final ep they sound more creative and skilled than ever, but they also sound more pissed off than ever. Tough, hard-hitting hardcore stripped down to the barest bones, proving that Poland should be 52nd state somewhere between NJ, PA and MI.

In their weight division, they just were much better than anyone else in Europe at the time. The ep was put out by Ratel Records and they made sure the package is solid and worth your money. Get it if you haven’t already.