New Blood: Revision

Give us some background on Revision. Who’s in the band and how did it get started?

Revision is 5 friends that wanted to play music together. Brandon is are front man. Luke is slapping the bass. Glen is the young blood on guitar. Kevin is the beat maker. I (Dennis) play second guitar. We live in a area where HC is scarce , so I guess trying to jump start a scene would be nice too. 3 of us are edge 2 are not but we all love the core.

The 2014 demo was your first release, how long was it in the making?

I believe it took about 5/6 months but I think we had the songs ready earlier then that. We were just waiting to record.

The tracks on the demo sound powerful. Do you have a process when it comes to writing new songs or does it just come to you?

Most of the time we'll jam shit out in the spot. If we like it we keep it. Then Brandon writes lyrics to whatever fucked up riffs we have written.

That was the inspiration behind the lyrics on the demo?

lot of the lyrics are about Brandon's dad passing away six years ago and his journey through grieving process. Some other themes are about how fucked up the world can be and how it's easy to just sit and bitch about it and not do anything. The real test is if you can stop complaining and get off your ass and get out there and make a positive change, no matter how small, you're becoming the solution and not the problem.

What state of mind do you need to be in to write best?

Brandon is usually angry and basically reacting to what sets him off, it's weird, I write positive lyrics from an angry perspective, hahaha!

Is there any type of message in your music that you want to send to the listeners?

Be real to yourself , Do what you love.

Is core strong in San Luis Obispo, CA? Are there any local bands you’re a supporter of?

haha no there is no scene here at all. There isn't a venue to play or bands to play with. We will travel though to Santa Barbara ,Bakersfield ,Los Angeles , San Francisco.

Not being from LA or any other big city in the area, is it hard to get your band noticed, book tours etc

We are almost exactly in between LA & SF on the coast line. It is only a little hard since we all have real jobs. So traveling to LA and opening isn't that easy since I work weekends. We make it work though.

Favorite show you’ve played so far?

Well I would have to say the For the Children fest in LA. We opened that fucker up and got to enjoy a lot of other bands for a good cause.

What kind of things are you listening to right now?

Criminal Instinct ,Hounds of Hate, New Brigade ,Discrepancy to name a few.

Why do you think that hardcore music is much more appealing to guys than girls?

I would probably say it's the aggressiveness not to say girls can't get agro. I just think the average teenage boy is ready to release some pent up hostility.

Finally, what are you looking forward to for Revision this year?

we are writing some new jams with hopes to have someone willing to put out a 7" or something. Play with more awesome bands and inspire more kids to get out there and do something. Book a show, start a band, write a zine. If you love hardcore - Do something!

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Pics by Richard Fusillo.