Download: Eyes Of Societ - Demo 2015

Not much is known about Eyes Of Society. A new band from Ohio, with members of Crowd Deterrent, but I have no clue know who exactly cause they are playing under nicknames like Assault, Dusty or Gorefather. All I know is that Samoan Rob is doing guest vocals on the Eyes Of Society track: 'Day after day there is no escape from their gaze, Staring into your soul THEY SEE ALL, Fighting to survive they see your struggle and your pain, you try to hide but they still see... WATCHING, JUDGING... EYES OF SOCIETY.' Pretty straight up antisocial stuff lyrically that gets my stamp of approval on the spot. As far as the music goes, it's a rough mix of hardcore and old school metal, which kind of reminds me of Darkside NYC or Neglect.